Vintage metallic finishes

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Only Green metallic finishes are ideal to add detail to your Chalk Paint or furniture Project. Available in antique gold and antique silver you can use to replace gilding or as a wash.

These vintage metallic's are great on our applique range creating an ornate look.

heres an idea, paint with silver , let dry and brush on Leonardo (charcoal) over the top and wipe off with a wet rag to create a worn aged look for the silver and gold

Vintage Silver adheres to most surfaces and creates amazing results quickly and easily. It can be used as a finish coat, to highlight in place of gilding or to create antique finishes as a wash. It can be thinned with Roma Wash extender to create awash and is ideal it use with Da Vinci “Distressed” or “Vintique” antique paint finishes.
Da Vinci’s Vintage Silver is a non-toxic, water clean-up that is lead-free, low odour and has very low volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

DIRECTIONS :Surface preparation: Any surface must be clean and free of loose paint, grease and other contaminants. If the surface has flaking paint scrape off loose material and sand smooth. Glossy varnished surfaces will need a scuff and suggest 150-220 grit sandpaper for this preparation.

Once finish is done we recommend Only Green “Eco-Wax” or “soft wax” available in
Clear or dark antique colours or Clear water based polyurethane for a longer lasting and
harder wearing finish.