Roma Wash-Faux paint extender

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Da Vinci’s “Roma Wash” paint wash extender when added to Da Vinci’s “Distressed” or “Vintique” paint finishes will add a subtle colour over bare or painted surfaces. Roma Wash is a thinner, extender and retarder in 1 giving you more working time to get your desired results.

Can be applied: by ragging, brushing, sponging  dabbing or rolling.

Can be used on: Furniture, walls and floors

PREPARATION:New unpainted surfaces: should be cleaned well and free from loose material, dirt, grease, oil & mould. Sand and dust down where required, Plaster and wallboard needs to have a primer/ sealer before using Roma Wash. Previously painted surfaces: should be cleaned well and free from loose material, dirt, grease, oil & mould. Sand and dust down where required.

APPLICATION:For walls and large areas for best results this a two person operation. Start at the left hand corner applying Roma Wash using a wide brush (50-75mm) in random directions. The whole surface must be coated. Following behind the 2nd person will create the pattern using the right tool for the right effect.

For Furniture and small projects for best results working in small sections (no larger than 1/2 mtr square or smaller) as paint with Roma wash will dry quickly.

Ragging. Apply a solid base coat then with a different colour diluted with Roma wash
use a damp rag and either dab or Roll on surface . Reduce amount of paint but offloading on old newspaper before applying.

Sponging: Use sea sponge or large hole sponge. Apply base coat first and once
dry dab with sponge onto old newspaper and then lightly to painted surface

Plastic bag effect: using old grocery bags for the this effect. Apply base coat and then
brush paint diluted with Roma wash to surface and lay crumpled plastic bag on till
wet paint and lift off leaving a very subtle effect

Dry Brush effect (antique look).Apply base coat to surface and then with paint mixed
with Roma wash brush excess paint off onto newspaper unloading as much paint as
possible and then with a wide long bristle brush lightly brush over paint work to give
an antique look.

Whitewash: using direct to bare wood use roma wash brushing with the grain to achieve
a semi-transparent effect, wipe off excess with damp rag.. For a long lasting finish
apply Da Vinci Glaze medium over finished surface.

Using Da Vinci’s Distressed  Chalk Paint or Da Vinci’s Vintique smooth furniture paint
mix one part paint to two parts Roma wash.

Coverage:with paint mixed with Roma wash approx. 25 Sq Mtrs per Litre
Dry time: 15-30 minutes