Pro wood Graining effect roller 150mm

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Create beautiful realistic wood grain patterns on them with this Wood Grain Paint Roller Stamp! It'll give any surface a textured oak wood appearance and luxe up any room in your house or office. You'll find it easy and fun to use. DIY your wall, door, floor, and anywhere you want!


Main Features:

  • Resemble real oak wood
  • Easy and fast to apply
  • Made from Rubber, soft, flexible, and durable
  • Ideal for inexpensive, fun DIY home projects
  • Easy to clean, reusable, eco-friendly
  • Better alternative to wallpapers
  • Works well with most paint and glazes
  • Perfect for home, office, restaurant, shops, etc.


How to Use:

  1. Clean the wall and prime with a base, wait for it to fully dry
  2. Paint top coat
  3. Before top coat dries, roll roller stamp across wall to create wood grain effect

Step 1 :apply based coat of Da Vinci Distressed or Vintique paint

Step 2: Mix top colour with Roma wash (1 part Roma Wash -1 part paint)

Step 3: Apply only Green 2 in 1 Varnish stain mixed with roma wash on the base-coated project. Slide a wood-graining rocker through the wet wash glaze, rocking it slowly at intervals to create a wood-grain effect. Start at one end of the stroke, and keep going in one continuous motion to the other end.

Step 4:When the paint is completely dry, seal the surface with a coat or two of clear Da Vinci Glaze or waterbased Poyurathane