Only Green eco Degreaser and paint prep 500ml

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Only Green’s All Surface Degreaser is an non-hazardous bio-degradable
industrial strength cleaner & degreaser. It is ready to use no mixing
required. As a Degreaser is also great for removing residue prior to Painting

 Typical uses: Roofs, concrete, metal, ceramic tile, ovens, stoves, exterior
house, awnings, baths, carpets, upholstery, showers, tyres & wheels, boats,
machinery, engines & equipment etc
Will clean & remove: oil & grease, adhesive residue, wax, wet paint, glue etc.
As a cleaner: Ideal for use as a general home spary and wipe type cleaner.
As a Degreaser: Ultimate is a great oil & grease remover, whether it be from
concrete, metal, engines or machinery. As a general degreaser undiluted.
As a Stain Remover: For HARD surfaces apply to stain, wait a few minutes wipe
off with clean rag and rinse off with cold water. CARPET & UPHOLSTERY &
CLOTHING apply with clean cloth dabbing stain to loosen, Rinse area with
clean water and blot dry with a clean dry rag. Do not apply direct to carpet as it
may loosen carpet from backing.

Ingredients:(2methyoxymethleoxy) propanol,Sodium metasilicate,Sodium triphosphate, sodium Hydroxide,Sulphonic acid,Alpha Olefin Sulphonate,Coconut Diehan-iamide,Propylene Glycol,Alcohol, Aqua,