Liquid Carnauba wax easy to use

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Eco Wax by Only Green is a hardwax in liquid form . It is best applied diret to rag and wiped on building up to a lovely satin wax finish for Furniture,wood and chalk paint.

Carnauba is a hard wax with a high melting point . It is our preference over Bees Wax as we find Bees wax a little soft. Using over furniture ,danish oil or chalk paint the harder the finish the better.What makes Only Green’s wax so unique is the fact we have emulsified with water. Most waxes are blended with oils and solvents such as Turps, white spirits and even the eco versions use vegetable turpentine. So believe our formula to be even more eco friendly.

Our wax is liquid, this makes easier to apply than heavy waxes or soft waxes and tends to harden quicker than these waxes.When applying wax to a timber or painted surface such as Chalk paint , you will need to rub it vigorously into the surface ( a brush can be used but a rag often gives better results) . The friction of the rubbing melts the wax and works it into surface to create better adhesion and durability. Wax will result in a soft lustrous satin sheen, but it can be buffed to a high gloss.

It has a mild and very pleasant smell. You will love the velvety smoothness that you can achieve with Only Green’s “eco wax.” This works very well with both Our “Da Vinci’s Distressed Chalk Finish Paint and the popular UK import of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint as well as any other porous paint -You can even use this on your floors - it is extremely durable.

Always apply to rag and wipe on , we do not recommend using a brush as this can build up to quickly. Wiping on thin layers will let you achieve the look you want.

The natural Look will give a slight aging look (please note over white it will give a slightly buff colour so if you want a totally clear look use soft wax or Glaze)

If applying the dark wax we recommend using the natural wax first and then using the dark to give a more even finish