Faux Painting Flogger Brush for Graining 75mm (3 inch)

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Handover : Graining Flogger : Extra Long Bristle : 3 in : Epoxy Set Code:  

This British made thin brush with bristles of approximately five and a half inches long. When the wet glaze or stain is hit sharply or ‘flogged’ with this brush it gives the effect of the pores to be found in many hardwoods. Available in 3”  this flogger can also double as a dragging brush.
We found a great video on how to use a flogging brush so click Here. Please note this is another manufacturers brush but the info is quite good

Flogging is done by slapping or "flogging" the surface with a long bristled brush to remove some of the glaze. Flogging is usually the first step in many faux wood techniques. Flogging is used to create the appearance of pores in wood.