eco prep all purpose primer & undercoat White

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This is a unique primer undercoat with the benefits of being an  oil based primer and undercoat which results in stronger adhesion than waterbased  and yet  can be cleaned up with water.

“Only Green” eco-prep is a all purpose easy to use oil based Primer & Undercoat that washes up in water. Can be used for interior & exterior use .Despite being oil based it is quick drying and is low odour and being an eco formula it is less harmful to our environment than other  paint finishes. It is the ideal for use under “Aqua & Oil”finishes and can be also be used under most water based or oil based paints.
Can be used on: Wood ,masonry ,fibreboard, MDF, particle board, plasterboard,paper faced wallboard.

Can be used for:Interior & exterior, doors, trims, walls, ceilings, furniture, toys, all living areas
including wet areas such as bathrooms & kitchens.

  • Coverage: 9-14 Sq metres per Litre (per coat) depending on porosity & texture of surface.
  • Dry time:   30 minutes          
  • Re-Coat: 1-2 hours (depends on humidity & temperature)
  • Thinning: Not recommended   
  • Clean-up: Warm soapy water
  • Storage & surface temperature: Do not store or apply if lower than 10ºC or above 35 ºC

Surface preparation- The surface must be clean, Free of loose paint, grease. If  Surface has flaking paint scrape off loose material. For best results use “Only Green Paint Prep” to remove Surface contaminants or grease. Once surface is clean sand smooth and dust.Please note to remember to sand any glossy surfaces prior to painting.

New wood, plaster, existing painted surfaces etc Once Surface  has been prepared apply one coat of eco-prep primer undercoat and two
top coats of “Aqua &Oil’ finishes.