Eco Hand cleaner HEAVY DUTY

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Contains no solvents
can be used wth or without water

For: Painters, Mechanics, Fishing, Gardening or around the home!

Our high performance hand cleaner has been specifically formulated to safely and efficiently remove wet and dry paints, inks, adhesives, grease, tar and other contaminants quickly and easily. It eliminates the use of thinners which may be flammable and harmful to the skin.

A soft Liquid paste, it incorporates a harmless abrasive to help shift the most stubborn contaminants. Use our high performance hand cleaner as supplied, directly from the container, and rub well into your hands. Once all the dirt and contamination has been dissolved, simply rinse hands in clean water or wipe with rag if using as water less cleaner, Leaving your hands clean and soft,  with a mild and pleasant smell.

How to Use
Simply rub a small amount of our odour eating hand cleaner into your hands, The dirt, grime, Paint, oils etc will emulsify and at the same time the action of the odour eating additive will help loosen stubborn grime.

Now simply rinse your hands in Fresh water, the gritty feeling will immediately disappear taking with it unpleasant odours.