Chalky Finish Glaze & Decoupage Medium

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Da Vinci Chalky Finish Glaze and decoupage medium is three products in one. This versatile product can be used as:

  • a sealer for chalky finish
  • as a glue for decoupage
  • and as a finish for chalk finish and decoupage

It is a low odour product and dries quickly & clear with a hard satin finish


  • 30-45 minute dry
  • 1 hour recoat (if necessary)
  • Low Odour, Low VOC
  • Oil based- water clean up
  • made in NZ
  • available in 500ml & 1ltr

For Glazing:
Glaze and Medium can be used as  a protection coat , sealer coat for Chalky finish. It is ideal to seal over your decoupage for increased  protection and visibility of your work.

For Decoupage:
Use images from magazines, posters,  wrapping paper, photos, napkins, and  more to create collages, mixed media  art, scrapbook pages, and craft and  home décor projects

Seals paper to Chalky Paints, cardboard,  paper mache, wood, terra cotta, canvas,  glass, plaster, foam, fabric and more

Hints:For words make sure image is  reversed this is easily done on your  computer. Laser printers are best as  inkjet may give blurred edges. Brush over face of paper, lay down
let dry and get a wet rag and gently  remove back paper.

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