Furniture Paint Brush-Professional Da Vinci Oval

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This a paint contractor quality Oval paint brush which is perfect for using with chalky paint and other vintage paint finishes.


  • Oval Brush
  • Wood handle
  • Soft Filliment
  • 75mm or 3"                                   
This is a alternative to our professional Round Chalk wax brushes

Oval Brushes allow you to get into areas that are hard to cut in. This is a professional Brush that can be used for Chalky  paint a finishesnd standard paints. The fine filament will leave less brush marks.

.100% soft Dupont filament
• Lasts up to longer than natural bristle and easier to clean
• Oval shape for easy cutting in
• Stainless steel ferrule
• Solid hardwood handle

Another Da Vinci creative paint product from NZ's leading vintage look furniture paint company