Bling wall Glitter Clear top Coat 1Ltr

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Here’s a great “paint idea” apply ”BLING” over any colour for a sparkling glittering effect. What would a girls world be without a bit of “BLING”? Only Green has developed a clear topcoat that contains glitter that when light from the sun or interior lighting shines on it, gives the paint a dazzling effect. Only Green “BLING” can be applied over any paint in any colour or sheen to make an entire wall shimmer  BLING finish is most noticeable over light to medium paint colours
Can be used for: Interior only. walls, doors, trims, ceilings, furniture, toys, bedrooms & all living areas
Paint Over: Any painted surface. If old paint work lightly scuff with a fine sandpaper before using.
To Start you will Need:
Bling Glitter coat
 A based coat tinted to your chosen colour
 A new, premium quality 10-11mm nap roller sleeve
    or a fabric “Nook & Cranny” mini roller
Roller frame , Paint Brush, Paint Tray, Drop cloth, Delicate masking tape & Rags.
Coverage: 9-12 Sq metres per Litre (per coat) depending on porosity & texture of surface.
Dry time:   30 minutes           Re-Coat: 1-2 hours (depends on humidity & temperature)
Thinning: Not recommended    Clean-up: Warm soapy water
Storage & surface temperature: Do not store or apply if lower than 10ºC or above 35 ºC
Directions: For best results and an even finish, each wall should be completed without stopping .
1. Let the base coat dry for at least 2-4 hours.(follow manufacturers instructions)
2. Tape off any areas where you don't want glitter with Delicate masking tape.
3. Mix “Bling” and pour into a paint tray. (Don't worry about the milky white color — it will dry clear.)
Wet roller and roll on tray until glitter is even on roller sleeve.
Now lets do the “BLING”
 Starting in the upper left corner of the wall, use the paint roller to apply the finish to a small section - approximately an 400-500mm square. You don't want straight edges or perfect lines as you would with traditional paint, so roll at different angles. Reload your roller and start a section. For even coverage, be sure to blend it in with the previous area.  Continue working your way across the wall until it's completed. The finish will remain wet and workable for about 3-5 minutes. Fill in any bare or hard-to-reach spots with your brush and smooth any ridges with the roller. It dries clear - With an shimmering ,glittering finish! “BLING” dries to the touch in about 60 minutes, but leave the tape on for four hours. Then lightly run a utility knife along the edges where paint and tape meet so you can remove the tape without taking any of your sparkling masterpiece with it! Please note Bling may slightly darken base coat.
Applying Paint: Firstly stir paint with a flat paint stirrer (do not shake as this will aerate paint
leaving bubbles when applied. Use short nap roller. Pre-wet rollers and brushes before commencing application. Avoid excessive brushing or rolling over paint that has been applied more than 3 minutes  before.