Aqua & Oil Eco Top Coat Supa Gloss White

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Aqua & Oil Gloss eco Enamel is a unique Alkyd finish that washes up in water. It dries harder than acrylic enamels and can be used for both interior and exterior applications. It has the smooth finish of a traditional alkyd oil based enamel but is easier to clean.
It is exceptionally hardwearing and resists marking. Despite being oil based it is quick drying and is low odour and being an eco formula it is less harmful to our environment than other  paint finishes.

Aqua & Oil enamel can be used for trims, windows, doors, walls, ceilings etc and has excellent hiding, excellent adhesion and is self leveling. It can be re-coated the same day.

DIRECTIONS: Surface preparation. The surface must be clean free of loose paint, grease and other contaminants. If surface has flaking paint, scrape off loose material & sand. For  best results use “Only Green Paint-Prep” to remove surface contaminants or grease. Once  surface is clean, sand smooth and dust down. Once surface has been prepared apply one coat  of “Eco-Prep”and two top coats. Please note to remember to sand any glossy surfaces prior to painting.
New wallboard or plasterboard apply one coat of “Only Green SealQuik” and two top coats.
New timber  & wood apply one coat of “Only Green Eco-Prep” and two top coats.
Masonry, concrete or fibre-cement board apply one coat of “Only Green Eco-Prep” and two top coats.