(03) III Chalk Finish Sandro Bottocelli (Antique White)

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This chalk finish paint Sandro Bottocelli is our Number 1 Selling colour. It's Antique feel makes it the ideal choice when you want a difference from a stark white.

Da Vinci's  “Distressed" Chalky Finish is a self-priming chalky paint that comes in a range of Shabby Chic Colours inspired by the renaissance painters.It can be a base coat, a second coat or a single coat finish. This unique decorative finish is developed for furniture, floors and walls.

Some ideas you can use Sandro Bottocelli

  • Sandro Bottocelli is a lovely antique white which opens possibilities such as we have in the photos of stencil an antique pattern in Firenze Blue to give a lovely softness to the finish.
  • Also as Sando Bottocelli like white lends it self to being contrasted with natural timber to give a natural contrast.
  • When doing the wash technique which you can thin Chalk finish down up to 3 parts roma wash to one part paint, its light antiquing colour is great of the mid range colours such as paolo caliari, Tizano vecellio, or Firenze to name a few.
      Once finished for protection you could:
      • apply a coat of clear soft wax to leave a smooth satin finish
      • apply a clear soft wax and once dry apply a dark soft wax for an antique look
      • For a hardwearing finish such as a table top then we recommend Glaze & Medium for a satin clear finish
      • Leave Au natural as a matt finish
      Sandro Botticelli was an Italian painter and draughtsman. During his lifetime he was one of the most acclaimed painters in Italy, being summoned to take part in the decoration of the Sistine Chapel in Rome and earning the patronage of the leading families of Florence, including the Medici. By the time of his death, however, Botticelli's reputation was aleady in decline