(19) XIX Chalk Finish Paint Dosso Dossi ( Art Deco Lime)

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This Art Deco Colour reminiscent of the roaring 20's chalk finish paint colour Dosso Dossi is a vibrant yet vintage colour when you are looking for a colour that is bold yet old.

Da Vinci's  “Distressed" Chalk Finish is a self-priming chalky paint that comes in a range of Shabby Chic Colours inspired by the renaissance painters.It can be a base coat, a second coat or a single coat finish. This unique decorative finish is developed for furniture, floors and walls.

Some ideas you can use Dosso Dossi-Might be bold but live a little!

  • Go bold and paint a few kitchen cabinet doors in Dosso Dossi for a retro punch
  • Paint your ceiling this Dosso Dossi hue (suits a well lit room) for an unexpected pop of colour.
  • Paint Dosso Dossi over a textured wallpaper as a accent wall with a bit of texture (mix Dosso Dossi with chalk paint powder to create a textured look.)
  • A Dosso Dossi vanity is unexpected surprise in a sleek white bathroom
  • Paint your stairs Dosso Dossi and it will make you happy every time you go up and down.
  • A Dosso Dossii lime green floor? Very cool.(either paint or use as a wash then coat with a waterbased floor polyurethane)
Once finished for protection you could:
  • apply a coat of clear soft wax to leave a smooth satin finish
  • wipe a coat of coat of Eco-Wax liquid carnauba for a harder finish with a slightly buff colour for aging
  • apply a clear soft wax and once dry apply a dark soft wax for an antique look
  • For a hardwearing finish such as a table top then we recommend Glaze & Medium for a satin clear finish
  • For dark colours you could use liming or white wax to soften paint colour
  • Leave Au natural as a matt finish
Please note colours are an indication only as computer screens an programs may change colours. where possible photos have been provided to show a more accurate presentation of how it will look.

 Dosso Dossi, original name Giovanni Francesco di Niccolò di Luteri or Giovanni Luteri (born c. 1486, Tramuschio, Mirandola [Italy]—died 1542, Ferrara, duchy of Ferrara [Italy]), late Italian Renaissance painter and leader of the Ferrarese school in the 16th century. Very little is known about his early life, and his artistic influences and training have long been open to speculation. His byname comes from the name of the family estate near his place of birth