12" (305mm) Rusty Corrogated iron letters and Numbers

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Numbers and Letters made from vintage corrugated metal roofing.  Each piece may contain nail holes, rips, rust spots, weathering or other imperfections.  

Every piece has it’s own unique character.  Letters may vary from mostly rusty to very little rust.Metal is reclaimed from old barns in Iowa, Michigan or Indiana.

Feeling creative use these with chalk paint to create rustic signs or words of wisdom and something fetching in the garden. 

buy the number of letters or numbers and email me afterwards to which letters or numbers you want. 

Please choose from A-Z, 0-9, or &. ALL LETTERS WILL BE ALL CAPS. Please make sure the quantity below matches the number of letters you desire. We will only ship the number of letters you pay for. 

-Handmade from recycled corrogated iron
-Ideal for making signs and home decor 
-Screws not included

Only ships within New Zealand 

made in the USA 

  • Rustic metal letters can have a wire added at the top well adhered to the back.  This can be looped around a wreath or post, or can be bent to hang on a nail on the wall.
  • Please note these letters have sharp edges. The cutting process can often leave slightly jagged edges which may also be sharp.  Please keep this in mind when ordering.

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