(08) VIII Chalk Finish Paint Giorgio Vasari (Light Clay)

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This chalky Giorgio Vasari (Light Clay) Colour is a nice and earthy giving a warm natural feel to your paint project.

Da Vinci's  “Distressed" Chalk Finish is a self-priming chalky paint that comes in a range of Shabby Chic Colours inspired by the renaissance painters.It can be a base coat, a second coat or a single coat finish. This unique decorative finish is developed for furniture, floors and walls.

Some ideas you can use Giorgio Vasarini

  • Earth colours are great when you have a cold home and want to add some warm. Don't forget Chalk finish Paint is okay for walls and can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • if you want to create a Tuscan stone wall feature use Georgio Vasari, Giovanni bellini and Sandro Bottocelli using a ragging technique.
  • as per photos see how the contrast with white give a clean finish against the natural
Once finished for protection you could:
  • apply a coat of clear soft wax to leave a smooth satin finish
  • apply a clear soft wax and once dry apply a dark soft wax for an antique look
  • For a hardwearing finish such as a table top then we recommend Glaze & Medium for a satin clear finish
  • Leave Au natural as a matt finish
Giorgio Vasari was a very prolific and eclectic artist. He was born in Arezzo in 1511 and died in Florence in 1574, and has an important role in Dan Brown’s Inferno. He was a brilliant polymath, and his expertise covered a number of different subjects, including writing, painting, and planning.
Because of his fame and talent, Vasari was one of the most important Medici court artists. Vasari met Michelangelo, Rosso Fiorentino, and Vittore Ghiberti. He traveled frequently, visiting Rome, Venice, Bologna, Pisa, Naples, and in every city, including his hometown of Arezzo, he left an example of his art and learned something about the artistic trends of the time.