(05) V Chalk Finish Paint Firenze ( French Blue)

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This chalk Firenze Blue with a touch of French Provence for character hiding Paint.

Da Vinci's  “Distressed" Chalk Finish is a self-priming chalky paint that comes in a range of Shabby Chic Colours inspired by the renaissance painters.It can be a base coat, a second coat or a single coat finish. This unique decorative finish is developed for furniture, floors and walls.

Some ideas you can use Firenze Blue

  • Apply a base colour Of Firenze and thin the Renaissance white 50% with Roma wash and brush over the colour and while still wet wipe excess off with a damp rag leaving just a trace of white to soften you base colour
  • Firenze is a great bedroom furniture colour so paint furniture as a two tone Firenze and either white or sandro bottocelli   and apply soft wax clear to bring out the vibrancy of the blue.
  • the photos enclosed are of a project where we used renaissance white and Firenze Blue. The blue having a white wash and the white having a blue wash
Once finished for protection you could:
  • apply a coat of clear soft wax to leave a smooth satin finish
  • apply a clear soft wax and once dry apply a dark soft wax for an antique look
  • For a hardwearing finish such as a table top then we recommend Glaze & Medium for a satin clear finish
  • Leave Au natural as a matt finish
Firenze or Florence has long been considered the epicenter of the Italian Renaissance because of the early and conspicuous development there of humanism and the city’s stunning innovations in the visual arts. Yet this landlocked city was also a major European economic center renowned for its thriving textile industries, extensive banking networks, and creative mechanisms of public finance. In contrast to the celebrated political stability of the Venetian republic, Florence was haunted by frequent political upheavals and deep social tensions that ultimately led to the collapse of the guild republic and the advent of the Medici principate in the early 16th century. Home to illustrious political figures such as Lorenzo de’ Medici, as well as thinkers such as Niccolò Machiavelli, Florence was at base a city of merchants and artisans throughout the republican period. It was their exceptional propensity for record keeping, as much as the city’s