Chalk Finish Paint Gallery

Thinking of using a chalk finish paint here's  a gallery of ideas hopefully that will help you be inspired.

These following items have been painted using Da vinci Chalk Finish by Nadia from cottage chic shop (email;  I think they are awesome.


Bought this little side table on trade me for $20. I would say the way it was made to be made in the 40's or 50's. All original hardware.
Gave light scuff with 220g sandpaper. Applied 2 coats if Da Vinci Renaisance white over the body and inside the cabin
Applied Da Vinci Firenze Blue over top of cabinet and door
Once paint is dry apply a thinned coat (I used romawash) of white over blue and blue over white by brushing on and wiping off with damp rag. ( see techniques)
I added our "cameo rose stencil" on the door front for a colourful.
once finished waxed with soft wax to give a lovely satin finish.


1/ Bought this table on Trade me. About $40 gave a light scuff (sandpaper 220g). Really solid no other work required
2/ applied one coat of Distressed Chalk finish in sandro Botocelli , Touched up areas missed rather than do a second coat. did not distress.
3/ stick a Applique which I had stained with 2 in 1 Rimu. Waxed and sold  on Trade Me for $250. simple and beautiful



(1) I bought this cute little mail holder at a school fair for $2. it was pine and varnished so gave a light scuff with a bit of sandpaper.

(2)Painted with Da Vinci Chalk Finish Paolo Caliari

(3)White wash with brush and damp rag (renaissance White)

(4)slightly scuff to distress with 320g sandpapaper.Waxed with soft wax clear
Very Shabby Chic.
Base colour Renaissance white, Coated with Tizano Vecillio, Distressed and waxed. Top sanded and polyurethaned. -Provided by Guthrie Bowron ,Palmerston North
Base Colour Firenze with Renaisance white wash and soft wax clear.
Thanks to ITM far North Kaitaia

Base colour Sandro Botocelli, Handles and detail Paolo Caliari- Provided by Guthrie Bowron, Palmerston North

A pine dresser Outside painted with Sandro Bottocelli with a paolo caliari wasg. Drawers painted with paolo caliari, lightly distressed and waxed. Handles and applique from Juliana's selection


(1)This desk was originally an old mdf delaminating veneer that had passed its best by date. I had to sand back to get a smooth finish before painting.

(2) I applied a base coat underneath and on to of sandro bottocelli (antique white)
(3)Painted the drawer with paolo Caliari and over the sandro bottocelli applied a wash (2 to 1 with Roma Wash) of paolo caliari, lightly distressed and clear coated with glaze.

(4) I used some of Juliana's antique hardware to add the finish touch (see our hardware range.
Three tables at café in Taupo. Base colour Donotello (Front) Firenze (middle) Familia Medici (Back) with a wash coat of renaissance white and clear coated with da Vinci Glaze and medium. Provided by Freedom Furniture, Taupo