SealQuik eco oil based Pigmented Sealer White

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SEALQUIK is the first oil-based pigmented sealer that cleans up in water made in NZ.
-Dries in about 30 minutes and can be re-coated in 1 Hour
-Can be used over all  types of paper faced wallboard, MDF & Plaster
-Can be used under and over wallpaper.
SealQuik has the advantages of drying quickly like a wallboard acrylic sealer but with the increased adhesion and better sand qualities of a traditional oil-based pigmented sealer.
Features: excellent adhesion, good hiding powers, self leveling and  quick drying and
                fast re-coat time.
Can be used on:(interior surfaces) new walls and ceilings and the following substrates
paper faced wallboard, interior concrete, solid plaster, customwood (MDF) or particle board and pre-painted areas.
Can be over coated with: water-based or oil-based coatings
Surface Preparation: The surface must be clean, Free of loose paint, grease and dust. Any surface with signs of Mould needs to be treated with a mould and mildew solution
Not recommended for exterior use.
Plaster, Paper faced wallboard, MDF
New plaster will need to be cured prior to painting. Once prepared
all surfaces must be sound and free from dust or loose material.
Wall coverings
For under wallpaper SealQuik must be fully cured (Normally 4-6 days) for over
wallpaper check paper is sound prior to applying &  we recommend testing before using.
Prior to application: Mix the contents in the can thoroughly before and during use to  ensure the coating remains consistent. Apply in full even coats. Do not thin .
Can be applied by: Brush, Roller, pad or Sprayer

Winter conditions: please read -in low temperatures or high humidity extra precautions must be taken. While SealQuik has a very dry time, it still requires 4-6 days curing if either wallpapering or plastering may be done, as is the case with all standard pigmented sealers. The aid of heaters and dehumidifiers will assist in this process.

  • Coverage: 9-14 Sq metres per Litre (per coat) depending on porosity & texture of surface.
  • Dry time:   30 minutes         
  • Re-Coat: 1-2 hours (depends on humidity & temperature)
  • Thinning: Not recommended   
  • Clean-up: Warm soapy water
  • Storage & surface temperature: Do not store or apply if lower than 10ºC or above 35 ºC