Distressed Chalk Finish Paint - Shop By Colour

Da Vinci Chalky Finish paints, the paint with chalk that helps you create distressed look, Vintage look, Faux Marble, Chalk wash, Sponge effects, Dry Brushing, French Provence and many other techniques. Our Chalk Finish Paint is thicker than most similar chalk type paints which allows you to emphasis brush marks, vintage looks etc but can be thinned with water or "Roma Wash" to make brush smoother or go further . (This means by thinning our thick base you will get more paint for your dollar compared to other brands)

Our colour range covers the vintage look, French provence and other periods in our colour selection.

Please note: while every effort has been made to make colours accurate, computer monitors, colour photography does not always depict the exact colour. If unsure please try our test pots.